Tips for Making Your Back to School Photos Picture Perfect

If you’re looking for a better way to capture your child’s school photo this year- Camera Shy has you covered. Gone are the days where you have to order a photo package of a picture you don’t even really like! Skip picture day at school and just head to Camera Shy.  Here are three tips to make your session even more successful.


1. Find that sweet spot in the day

Especially if you have a preschooler or kindergartener in the mix, making sure you’re coming when everyone is in a good mood is a must! Kids smile easier, are more patient and give a more genuine grin when they aren’t too tired or hungry


2. Let the photographer coax those smiles

It actually hinders the session when mom is in the room yelling “smile!” every 5 seconds. If you want a genuine grin, let the photographer play around with your kids, be goofy and work their magic. If possible, leaving the room might be the best thing for everyone.


3. Bring props

Have a soccer player in the family? Or a little artist? Bring simple props with you to mix up the session. These back-to-school sessions are meant to capture your child and everything about them. You can get a mix of classic, fun and themed photos that you can enjoy for a lifetime!


Now through September 29th you can snag a Back To School Mini session at our Orem location:

  • 15 minutes
  • 2 wall choices
  • 4 people max
  • Up to 5 poses
  • Up to 20 images
  • $55
  • Code SCHOOL55 in session notes

A Special Occasion

This handsome 8-year-old came in to get some images taken to celebrate a special time in his life! He was so much fun and look at all the beautiful photos. His family will be able to look back and remember this happy time in his life.

We can help your kids celebrate anything special in their life. You bring the props, clothes and anything else it takes, and we will capture it for you.


Sibling Love

Is there anything better than capturing your children’s personalities and relationship? We LOVE getting brothers and sisters walk through the door and like each other for a full 60 minutes! We know it’s not the norm, but capturing their hugs and laughs show they really DO love each other.

Check out these brothers! They had a blast together.


And since they have their own perfect personalities, we had to capture that too.



From brothers to a set of 3 beautiful sisters. Each their own, and yet they are so perfect together too!





Tips for making the most of your session with multiple kids.

  1. Let the photographer do the work!

    You don’t need to tell the kids to smile or look at the camera. The photographers are expertly trained to get the images you’re looking for. Many times your attempts actually make things a little more hectic.

  2. Finish getting dressed at the studio.

    Arrive a few minutes early and put the finishing touches on their outfits. We all know kids can get dirty just by walking, so waiting to put on that white shirt until you arrive can save you some heartache!

  3. Let them interact

    This might seem like a no-brainer, but let your kids interact with each other naturally. Capturing those sweet smiles and giggles that only they understand is what makes the photo perfect.

Who says Camera Shy is just for kids?

We’ll admit, Camera Shy freakin’ rocks at capturing photos of kids. But did you know we’re pretty skilled at couples as well? Check out this recent session from Camera Shy University Mall in Orem. It will give you all the feels.4003725_70-2

Can Ashley and Jermey get any cuter? We think not.

The couple loved the wide variety of walls and poses they were able to get during the session.


Ashely also runs a fitness blog, so she put on her favorite workout gear and got a few photos to use for upcoming posts.

And we can’t forget about headshots! Jermey posed for the camera. Will this be his next FB profile pic? 100%


5 Tips for Your Photographing Your Food

In honor of the best food holiday of the year, Camera Shy is sharing our favorite tips for capturing your Thanksgiving feast.


1. Choose a good backdrop. Think of your photo like a painting. Without a quality canvas, you can’t create a quality work of art. Leaving the background slightly out of focus like in the above photo can help the viewer know what is important in the photo, and decrease distraction.


2. Pick the right angle. Instagram would have us believe that all food photos should be taken from high above the plate. For tall food like a tower of cookies or a burger, try shooting vertically.


3. Odd numbers look better. Don’t ask us to explain this one. It’s just true.



4. Use natural light. Artificial light like a flash or lights in your home can distort the colors of food and make it look kinda gross. In the wide view of the photo bellow you can see I set the subject right by a window.

5. Use props. Sometimes just a loaf of pumpkin bread isn’t too exciting. By adding greenery and a relevant accessory you can create more interest (and likes) in your photo.