Tips to get the best newborn photos

Babies are adorable from their little noses to little toes. Newborn photos are a must, so what can you do to ensure you get amazing photos of your little miracle? Here’s some tips to help you get the best newborn photos possible.

  1. The sooner the better!

The best time to get newborns photos is when the baby is between the ages of 4 and 14 days. This is when your baby is tiniest and sleepiest which is the perfect combo for great pictures. 

  1. A full baby is a happy baby.

Make sure to feed your baby as close to the session time as possible. You want the baby to be full and sleepy. It can also help to bring a binky to the session, even if your baby doesn’t quite take one yet. This may help keep the baby happy while they are being swaddled or moved between poses. 

  1. Keep the baby warm.

We at CameraShy use heaters and rice bags to make sure the baby is nice and toasty. Keeping the baby warm is essential to making sure the baby is sleepy and comfortable. 

  1. Swaddle, swaddle swaddle!

Swaddling is the best way to really capture how small your baby is. At CameraShy we have lots of swaddles free to use and all our photographers are trained on how to swaddle to make your baby look their best. 

  1. Consider the Colors.

Keep in mind the colors of your nursery or home and pick a swaddle or background to compliment those colors. You can always go with neutral colors to ensure timeless photos.  

  1. Don’t Stress!

Newborns are cute whether they are asleep, awake, swaddled or in a onesie. You will still get great photos that show this stage in your child’s life you can look back on forever. 

  1. Consider an in-home newborn. 

We can come to you! If you don’t feel comfortable bringing your baby to the studio or just want more personal lifestyle photos we recommend our in-home sessions. 

How to Have the Perfect Wedding Day: Tips From Your Photographer

We all know wedding days are known for being notoriously stressful. After months or maybe years of planning, it all comes down to this one day. As wedding photographers, we know the struggle. With countless weddings under our belt, we’ve come up with these tips that will help your special day be flawless!

Get enough sleep. We can’t stress this enough ladies. Everyone always needs a good night’s rest to prepare for any major event and you as a bride are not exempt. Even though those wedding day jitters may come creeping in, try going to bed early. To help ensure you get enough sleep, try having a relaxing night before. Consider having your bachelorette party a week or a few days before the wedding and plan to have a quiet night in with your girls the night before you get married. 

Don’t forget the most important meal of the day! Being hangry is no joke, girl. It will add to the stress and irritability many brides feel on their special day. Take some time to sit down, take a few breaths, and enjoy a yummy and nutritious meal. I promise, you’ll be thanking yourself later in the day. 

Allow plenty of time to get ready. Consider how long it takes you to get ready for work. Think about how long it took you to get ready for your high school Prom? Have a number in mind? Ok, now double it. It will stress you out if you feel like you need to rush around to prevent your guests from being kept waiting. Remember that you’ll be getting ready to walk down the aisle with all your besties and loved ones. Plan a few extra hours for all the fun you’ll have between putting on makeup, fixing your sister’s hair, and figuring out how to go to the bathroom while wearing your dress. 

Break in your shoes and make-up beforehand. It’s just a fact, cute shoes aren’t always comfortable. You’ll be wearing those shoes for 8+ hours, you’re going to need to break them in. In the weeks leading up to your wedding, take some time in your day to walk around in your shoes. You’ll be so happy you did on your day of. Always be prepared with an extra pair of shoes in case you really can’t get comfortable in your ceremony shoes. Let’s talk make-up, give yourself some practice days to find out what you like. Don’t leave it for the wedding day. You don’t want to have to rush to re-do your make-up because you don’t like how it turns out. Practice, practice, and practice some more.

Put someone in charge. Delegate some responsibilities, whether that be to your wedding coordinator or whoever you put in charge. They won’t mind running back and forth between the bride and the groom to make sure you both have what you need or talking to the caterer, DJ, or photographer. Putting someone in charge will help keep the rest of your family and wedding party on schedule, while also assisting in making sure everything and everyone is on time and the day is moving along with how it should be.

Let go of the perfect. This is your wedding day, things won’t always be perfect and that’s okay! So let it go if your groom is 10 minutes late for the pictures, or one of the groomsmen’s shoes doesn’t match the other guys. At the end of the day, it wont even matter. Either way, you still get to marry your love!

Be present. This day is about you and your love. People are there to celebrate you. Don’t stress about the food, flowers, and music. You don’t want your main memory of your wedding day to be the caterer bringing fish instead of chicken. Be present, take in the smiles, laughs, and the emotions. This is your day and you deserve to enjoy it. 

What to Wear Cheat Sheet

Our clients call us all the time in a panic about what on earth they should wear in their photos… So if you find yourself just like them and feeling panicky about what to wear. Here’s a 9 step cheat sheet we made just for you!

What to Wear:

~Simple Pieces~

 Don’t overdo it, keep it relatively simple. This way when someone looks at the photo, they first notice the people in it. -Distracting outfits and patterns will take away from the subject. -Neutral colors and tones are always flattering.

~Flattering Pieces~

Choose an outfit that shows off how good you look!

~Coordinating outfits~

Choose anywhere between 3-5 colors that go together but don’t match. For example: blue, cream, and grey OR cream, sage, blush, and bluish grey. Pinterest is always a great place to find color palette inspiration. If you’re deciding between two pieces, play it safe and choose the smaller pattern. Cameras believe “less is more”.

~Something You Would Usually Wear~

Wear something you would actually wear in real life. Your outfit should reflect you and your style. We are trying to photograph YOU after all.

What Not to Wear:

~Matchy Matchy~

This is 2020 not 1990. Let’s not wear the same shirt, jeans, and sneakers.


Your family photos are not an advertisement for Nike. I mean, who doesn’t love Nike, but the camera doesn’t share in the love of the swoosh.

~Loud Patterns~

Sometimes the camera gets so excited about a loud print and makes it show up kind of weird… steer away from loud patterns and move more towards solids and simple patterns on picture day!

~Wrinkled Clothing~

If there has ever been a time to pull out the iron, picture day is the day!

~Old or Worn Out Clothes~

Picture day is a perfect excuse for new and trendy outfits. Don’t wear those shoes with holes and gum stuck to the bottom!

One Simple Secret to Taking Fantastic Photos

One misconception with photography today, is that you need a really expensive camera and all the right gear to take amazing photos. While this can definitely enhance the quality of the images, it doesn’t give you great images right off the bat. But, there is one big secret we want to share with you today that can transform your photos regardless of the equipment being used… any guesses what it may be?

No? That’s okay! Most people don’t know how important it is. Are you ready to hear what it is?

Composition. If there’s one thing to learn about photography, it’s this. This is the difference between a professional photographer and an amerteur. No lie. We are dead serious. But, what is composition? Composition basically means the placement or arrangement of visual elements or ‘ingredients’ within a frame. The ‘putting together’ of the frame will help you to create a strong composition within your photographs. Knowing how to ‘put together’ visual elements can allow you to create a stronger frame and translate your message in a more powerful way.The ability to see these elements of design and compose your frame can make a big difference to your photography.

Let’s talk about some key components of composition:

Point of Interest: What is the main point of taking this image? For us, it’s the people within the image. We’re trying to capture their personality, uniqueness, and love through connections.
Perspective: This is a very important moment. Before you take your shot, think about the best position, angle and point of view for this image. Move around to change your POV;  in front of the subject, at the side, behind, from the top/above, shoot up from below, from far away, close up etc. Point of view can dramatically change how your picture looks. This is where to put your camera in relation to your point of interest. Do you shoot up high, angled down, or low, or just straight on? Guess what, you can do all three! But, you should understand when it’s the appropriate time to use which one. For example, if you are wanting to slim your subject and avoid double chins, you would want to shoot down on them instead of up. If you’re looking for a creative shot, shoot from below, angled upwards towards your subject. This will create a prominent point of interest on your subjects.

The first photo is shot from below. The photographer intentionally shot from this angel to achieve a creative shot. Sometimes shooting from down low is a really big no no because it can give double chins and nose hair (oops!). Do yourself a favor and be really careful when you shoot from down low. A lot of people don’t like pics from that angle. The most flattering angle on a face is from up high. The second photo is shot from above, this angle helps with slimming the subject as well as drawing more attention to their face.

Rule of Thirds: If you divide the frame into 9 equal rectangles you can place your subject along these lines and at their intersections. Put the subject in one third of the frame. Your eyes will naturally follow these lines and where they cross.

Above is an example of the rule of thirds. Do you see where their two smiling faces meet, that is the point of connection. This is right across the top left line. In fact, you can set up your iPhone to always have this grid by going into Settings> Camera> Grid. Refer to the picture above to see what the iPhone looks like with the grid set up.

Background: Consider what is behind your subject and if it is pleasing or distracting, or if you want to draw more attention to it. The background colors, textures and other visual elements can complement the main subject. Reduce clutter: Clutter can be anything that takes your attention away from the main subject. Reducing these distractions allows you to draw more attention to your subject. You can use different techniques to reduce clutter, such as changing your point of view or using a shallow depth of field to blur the background.

Framing: This is a great way to isolate the subject from the world and make it stand out. Using framing such as trees, leaves, doorways etc to draw more interest to the main subject. For example, the picture below, both sides of the doorway frame the subjects naturally.

Leading Lines: Our eyes naturally follow lines. Leading lines help to draw more attention and interest to your subject. In the image below, everything in the frame seems to point to the subject.  The lines on the wall “lead” or point to her. Even the lines of the couch point towards her. You want to avoid large leading lines coming out of people’s heads like large trees or lamp posts.

Cropping: Fill the frame. By using a tight crop or filling the frame with your subject you can delete all distractions and draw more attention to your subject.

Negative space: This is the opposite technique where you include as much space around your subject as you can. It’s great for creating a sense of scale to get the feeling of a ‘big world.’ To do this effectively, it’s best to include a clean and clear space, without too much distracting the viewer.

 Left to right rule: Most of the world reads text from left to right. It’s the most comfortable way our eyes travel. The same goes for inside a photo frame. It’s the most comfortable way to direct the viewer from the left side of the frame to the right. You can place the subject to the right side of the frame, which is where our attention is naturally heading. 

A little trick- If you shot the frame with the opposite subject placement you can always flip it in Lightroom to see if it presents a stronger composition. (Photo-> flip Horizontal OR flip Vertical)

Well, there you have it! Composition will transform your photography no matter what device or equipment you are using. Learn it, love it, and don’t be afraid to make your own rules and break them!  Take all the elements and experiment to create something different, break the rules, place your subject at the edge of the frame or include only part of it. Be brave, but have an idea in mind. Your intent will allow you to tell a solid story and translate your message in the photograph. We’re excited to see your work!

Tips for Making Your Back to School Photos Picture Perfect

If you’re looking for a better way to capture your child’s school photo this year- Camera Shy has you covered. Gone are the days where you have to order a photo package of a picture you don’t even really like! Skip picture day at school and just head to Camera Shy.  Here are three tips to make your session even more successful.


1. Find that sweet spot in the day

Especially if you have a preschooler or kindergartener in the mix, making sure you’re coming when everyone is in a good mood is a must! Kids smile easier, are more patient and give a more genuine grin when they aren’t too tired or hungry


2. Let the photographer coax those smiles

It actually hinders the session when mom is in the room yelling “smile!” every 5 seconds. If you want a genuine grin, let the photographer play around with your kids, be goofy and work their magic. If possible, leaving the room might be the best thing for everyone.


3. Bring props

Have a soccer player in the family? Or a little artist? Bring simple props with you to mix up the session. These back-to-school sessions are meant to capture your child and everything about them. You can get a mix of classic, fun and themed photos that you can enjoy for a lifetime!


Now through September 29th, 2019 you can snag a Back To School Mini session at our Orem location:

  • 15 minutes
  • 2 wall choices
  • 4 people max
  • Up to 5 poses
  • Up to 20 images
  • $55
  • Code SCHOOL55 in session notes

A Special Occasion

This handsome 8-year-old came in to get some images taken to celebrate a special time in his life! He was so much fun and look at all the beautiful photos. His family will be able to look back and remember this happy time in his life.

We can help your kids celebrate anything special in their life. You bring the props, clothes and anything else it takes, and we will capture it for you.


Sibling Love

Is there anything better than capturing your children’s personalities and relationship? We LOVE getting brothers and sisters walk through the door and like each other for a full 60 minutes! We know it’s not the norm, but capturing their hugs and laughs show they really DO love each other.

Check out these brothers! They had a blast together.


And since they have their own perfect personalities, we had to capture that too.



From brothers to a set of 3 beautiful sisters. Each their own, and yet they are so perfect together too!





Tips for making the most of your session with multiple kids.

  1. Let the photographer do the work!

    You don’t need to tell the kids to smile or look at the camera. The photographers are expertly trained to get the images you’re looking for. Many times your attempts actually make things a little more hectic.

  2. Finish getting dressed at the studio.

    Arrive a few minutes early and put the finishing touches on their outfits. We all know kids can get dirty just by walking, so waiting to put on that white shirt until you arrive can save you some heartache!

  3. Let them interact

    This might seem like a no-brainer, but let your kids interact with each other naturally. Capturing those sweet smiles and giggles that only they understand is what makes the photo perfect.

Who says Camera Shy is just for kids?

We’ll admit, Camera Shy freakin’ rocks at capturing photos of kids. But did you know we’re pretty skilled at couples as well? Check out this recent session from Camera Shy University Mall in Orem. It will give you all the feels.4003725_70-2

Can Ashley and Jermey get any cuter? We think not.

The couple loved the wide variety of walls and poses they were able to get during the session.


Ashely also runs a fitness blog, so she put on her favorite workout gear and got a few photos to use for upcoming posts.

And we can’t forget about headshots! Jermey posed for the camera. Will this be his next FB profile pic? 100%