Tips for a Great Newborn Session


lg_3010500_160-21. The younger the better. The best newborn sessions happen very close to birth. We recommend you schedule your session to take place within a week of giving birth. It would be smartest to schedule the appointment before baby is born. However, if you are unable to get in during the first week, don’t worry! Camera Shy promises awesome photos of your child at any age.

2. Nap time is the best time. Schedule your session at a time baby usually naps. Fast asleep littles are just the cutest for photos!

lg_3010350_1363. Arrive a half hour early. Before your session starts, you will want to fully feed your baby, and put them to sleep. Leaving optimal time to do this at our studio ensures your newborn will be ready to go for pictures. If you know it takes al little longer for your baby to fall asleep, then feel free to arrive even earlier.

4. Bring your own props…or not! Camera Shy has a wide variety of wraps, buckets, baskets, headbands, diaper covers and more. So bring your own props or use ours. The choice is yours! But there is one exception….


5.Want photos of baby in the buff? Bring your own blanket if you want photos of your baby “au naturel.” For sanitary reasons, if you’d like photos of your newborn nude, Camera Shy requires that you bring your own blanket. We recommend this blanket to be clean, lint free, and a texture that will not irritate baby’s skin.



Schedule your newborn photos here now! It’s never too early!

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