5 Tips for Your Photographing Your Food

In honor of the best food holiday of the year, Camera Shy is sharing our favorite tips for capturing your Thanksgiving feast.


1. Choose a good backdrop. Think of your photo like a painting. Without a quality canvas, you can’t create a quality work of art. Leaving the background slightly out of focus like in the above photo can help the viewer know what is important in the photo, and decrease distraction.


2. Pick the right angle. Instagram would have us believe that all food photos should be taken from high above the plate. For tall food like a tower of cookies or a burger, try shooting vertically.


3. Odd numbers look better. Don’t ask us to explain this one. It’s just true.



4. Use natural light. Artificial light like a flash or lights in your home can distort the colors of food and make it look kinda gross. In the wide view of the photo bellow you can see I set the subject right by a window.

5. Use props. Sometimes just a loaf of pumpkin bread isn’t too exciting. By adding greenery and a relevant accessory you can create more interest (and likes) in your photo.

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