What to Wear Cheat Sheet

Our clients call us all the time in a panic about what on earth they should wear in their photos… So if you find yourself just like them and feeling panicky about what to wear. Here’s a 9 step cheat sheet we made just for you!

What to Wear:

~Simple Pieces~

 Don’t overdo it, keep it relatively simple. This way when someone looks at the photo, they first notice the people in it. -Distracting outfits and patterns will take away from the subject. -Neutral colors and tones are always flattering.

~Flattering Pieces~

Choose an outfit that shows off how good you look!

~Coordinating outfits~

Choose anywhere between 3-5 colors that go together but don’t match. For example: blue, cream, and grey OR cream, sage, blush, and bluish grey. Pinterest is always a great place to find color palette inspiration. If you’re deciding between two pieces, play it safe and choose the smaller pattern. Cameras believe “less is more”.

~Something You Would Usually Wear~

Wear something you would actually wear in real life. Your outfit should reflect you and your style. We are trying to photograph YOU after all.

What Not to Wear:

~Matchy Matchy~

This is 2020 not 1990. Let’s not wear the same shirt, jeans, and sneakers.


Your family photos are not an advertisement for Nike. I mean, who doesn’t love Nike, but the camera doesn’t share in the love of the swoosh.

~Loud Patterns~

Sometimes the camera gets so excited about a loud print and makes it show up kind of weird… steer away from loud patterns and move more towards solids and simple patterns on picture day!

~Wrinkled Clothing~

If there has ever been a time to pull out the iron, picture day is the day!

~Old or Worn Out Clothes~

Picture day is a perfect excuse for new and trendy outfits. Don’t wear those shoes with holes and gum stuck to the bottom!

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