Why Fall Photos Are an Absolute Must This Year!

Fall comes with lots of must do activities, pumpkin carving, leaf pile jumping and of course a fall photoshoot. The changing leaves make for the perfec backdrop for family photos. Our fall sessions fill up fast so make sure to book yours now!

What to wear to your fall photoshoot

Fall is known as sweater weather for a reason. Sweaters and cardigans look fashionable and cozy in photos. If you want the leaves to compliment your outfit we recommend wearing warmer colors. Beige, burnt orange, gray, brown or sage green are great color options.

Gardner Village Onsite

This family absolutely killed the color palette! Their outfits look great together but everyone still has their own style. When picking outfits choose a few simple colors that look good together and plan around those colors. Most of all wear something you love and are comfortable in, whatever you wear you’ll still look great and get amazing photos!

Pumpkin Patch Mini sessions!

This year we are offering pumpkin patch mini sessions for a few Mondays and Wednesdays in October! Get your photos taken at this adorable pumpkin patch West Jordan. These minis are great for candid lifestyle pics that will definitely be Instagram worthy.

Smit’s Pumpkin Patch in West Jordan

Our Pumpkin Mini Sessions are only $98! They include 2-3 poses and 15 edited images.

Outdoor photo sessions

Outdoor onsite sessions are available at our Gardner Village, Daybreak and Lehi studios! These sessions start at $168 for up to 8 people and includes 30-60 edited images.

Daybreak Onsite Location
Lehi Offsite Location

Offsite photo sessions

If you want a unique and new location our Offsite sessions are perfect. We can travel anywhere. The mountains are an amazing spot to capture the fall colors! Starting at just $300 for a one hour session. Email Offsite@camerashy.com for more information and to book your session.

Timble Fork Reservoir, Offisite
Jordan Pines, Offsite

Indoor photo sessions

If the fall weather is too chilly for your little one we have our classic indoor sessions. You’re welcome to bring in any fall props you’d like. We will also have a cute fall setup in our studios coming soon! Don’t forget to bring your child’s costume for priceless halloween photos. Our indoor sessions start at just $138 and include 30-60 edited images.

Gardner Village
University Mall

Fall goes by fast so don’t miss your chance to get stunning fall photos before the leaves fall and winter moves in. Book your session online at our website CameraShy.com

Celebrate with Birthday Photos at CameraShy!


It’s no secret that kids grow up FAST! So how can you make sure you capture their personality and smiles through every milestone? Photos from CameraShy will last forever and ensure you remember everything down to missing teeth. Here’s some tips from our photographers on how to get amazing birthday photos!

Cake Smashes!

One of our favorite birthday traditions is the cake smash! Watching the tiny hands of a child demolish a cake is a recipe for hilarious and memorable photos. Here’s a few tips if you’re wanting to incorporate a cake smash in your session.  

  • Pick the perfect cake! When it comes to the cake there are a few things to consider. Colored frosting will stain hands, feet and clothes, if you are not ok with this pick a white frosting. Cake toppers are so cute but usually the first item baby takes off the cake. So you’ll probably only get a few pictures with the cake topper. Smaller is usually better when it comes to the cake. It can be hard for a baby to break into and really make a dent in a larger cake. Also you don’t want a cake that has so much frosting that your little one can’t get to the actual cake.
  • Pick up supplies beforehand. Plan to pick up your cake and any decor or balloons for your session at least a few hours before your scheduled session time. You don’t want to feel rushed getting to the studio. Also if you have a cake that has been refrigerated make sure you let it thaw out before the session so it’s nice and soft for the baby to eat. 
  • Don’t forget clean up. After the smash you will have a very messy baby so bring wipes and maybe even a towel or washcloth for a quick sink bath. Also don’t forget a comfy ir of clothes for after the session! Our photographers are happy to help clean up the cake and we have plenty of supplies to clean the floors! 
  • Arrive Early. Arrive at the studio ten minutes before your session time and tell your photographer you are planning on doing a cake smash. They can store the cake somewhere safe for you until you are ready for the smash.
  • Manage your time. You’ll want to do the cake smash at the end of your session so plan your outfits and make sure you leave 15-20 minutes at the end of your session for the cake smash. Your photographer will help tell you when is the best time for the smash. One year olds sometimes have a hard time lasting a whole hour. You might not want to push them if they start to get fussy, or else by the end of the session they may be more upset than excited about the cake. 
  • Plan your Outfit! It’s usually best to do the cake smash in a diaper, diaper cover, tutu, or overalls/suspenders. Keep in mind that whatever they wear they will get it dirty and could potentially get ruined.  
  • Let your baby be themselves! Lastly, let your baby show their personality. Some babies go right for the cake and dig in some just like a lick of frosting and some will get one taste and cry. No matter how your baby reacts the photos will still be priceless and reflect who they were at this stage in life. 

To Balloon or Not to Balloon?

Balloons can make for some cool shots and can add a fun element to the session. Here’s a few things to consider. 

  • Hellum – Do you want balloons that will float about your children’s head or would you rather cover the floor with the balloons so your child can hold and play with them. 
  • Number and Letter Balloons – We love the numbered balloons but keep in mind that reflective silver or gold balloons can cause reflections of you or the photographer in the picture. So go for a non-reflective color. Our photographers usually end up taping number and letter balloons to the wall so they don’t rotate and appear backwards in the photos.   

What to Bring! 

  • Outfit changes – Bring an outfit change or two. Usually the older the child the more time we will have for outfit changes. For babies and toddlers, limiting to one outfit is usually best. For kids who are five and over usually have time for two or three outfit changes. Just depending on the child. It doesn’t hurt to bring an extra outfit change but keep in mind you may not have enough time for every outfit. Consider letting your child have a say in what they wear. Capturing them in their favorite tee shirt or seeing their sense of style can really add personality to the photos.
  • A favorite toy or hobby – If your child has a favorite toy or hobby you can bring something to represent that for the photos. A soccer ball, a favorite stuffed animal, a toy truck or anything they can’t live without. That way you capture what they are into at the time. 

We hope you have a blast at your birthday session! Don’t forget when you check out, mention the code BIRTHDAY for $20 off and a free 11×14.  

How to get photos at your dream location

Are you looking for a new unique setting for your next session? We can shoot just about anywhere you want to go! We also have lots of locations we can suggest for you depending on what style you want! Whether you want gorgeous mountain views or the views from your own front porch we’ve got you covered.

We recently did mini sessions at Tibble Fork reservoir in American Fork and while the mini sessions were limited time only, we offer off site shoots at this location anytime! There is something spectacular about shooting in the mountains. The photos always look so dreamy!  

We also offer in-home newborn sessions. With in-home newborn sessions we are able to capture some amazing lifestyle and candidate shoots. We can take advantage of your cute new nursery or shoot anywhere else in the house! Not to mention you won’t need to come in to the studio so you can relax while your photographers get precious photos of your little one. 

Pricing varies by location and number of subjects. Email offsite@camerashy.com to book!

Tips to get the best newborn photos

Babies are adorable from their little noses to little toes. Newborn photos are a must, so what can you do to ensure you get amazing photos of your little miracle? Here’s some tips to help you get the best newborn photos possible.

  1. The sooner the better!

The best time to get newborns photos is when the baby is between the ages of 4 and 14 days. This is when your baby is tiniest and sleepiest which is the perfect combo for great pictures. 

  1. A full baby is a happy baby.

Make sure to feed your baby as close to the session time as possible. You want the baby to be full and sleepy. It can also help to bring a binky to the session, even if your baby doesn’t quite take one yet. This may help keep the baby happy while they are being swaddled or moved between poses. 

  1. Keep the baby warm.

We at CameraShy use heaters and rice bags to make sure the baby is nice and toasty. Keeping the baby warm is essential to making sure the baby is sleepy and comfortable. 

  1. Swaddle, swaddle swaddle!

Swaddling is the best way to really capture how small your baby is. At CameraShy we have lots of swaddles free to use and all our photographers are trained on how to swaddle to make your baby look their best. 

  1. Consider the Colors.

Keep in mind the colors of your nursery or home and pick a swaddle or background to compliment those colors. You can always go with neutral colors to ensure timeless photos.  

  1. Don’t Stress!

Newborns are cute whether they are asleep, awake, swaddled or in a onesie. You will still get great photos that show this stage in your child’s life you can look back on forever. 

  1. Consider an in-home newborn. 

We can come to you! If you don’t feel comfortable bringing your baby to the studio or just want more personal lifestyle photos we recommend our in-home sessions. 

How to Have the Perfect Wedding Day: Tips From Your Photographer

We all know wedding days are known for being notoriously stressful. After months or maybe years of planning, it all comes down to this one day. As wedding photographers, we know the struggle. With countless weddings under our belt, we’ve come up with these tips that will help your special day be flawless!

Get enough sleep. We can’t stress this enough ladies. Everyone always needs a good night’s rest to prepare for any major event and you as a bride are not exempt. Even though those wedding day jitters may come creeping in, try going to bed early. To help ensure you get enough sleep, try having a relaxing night before. Consider having your bachelorette party a week or a few days before the wedding and plan to have a quiet night in with your girls the night before you get married. 

Don’t forget the most important meal of the day! Being hangry is no joke, girl. It will add to the stress and irritability many brides feel on their special day. Take some time to sit down, take a few breaths, and enjoy a yummy and nutritious meal. I promise, you’ll be thanking yourself later in the day. 

Allow plenty of time to get ready. Consider how long it takes you to get ready for work. Think about how long it took you to get ready for your high school Prom? Have a number in mind? Ok, now double it. It will stress you out if you feel like you need to rush around to prevent your guests from being kept waiting. Remember that you’ll be getting ready to walk down the aisle with all your besties and loved ones. Plan a few extra hours for all the fun you’ll have between putting on makeup, fixing your sister’s hair, and figuring out how to go to the bathroom while wearing your dress. 

Break in your shoes and make-up beforehand. It’s just a fact, cute shoes aren’t always comfortable. You’ll be wearing those shoes for 8+ hours, you’re going to need to break them in. In the weeks leading up to your wedding, take some time in your day to walk around in your shoes. You’ll be so happy you did on your day of. Always be prepared with an extra pair of shoes in case you really can’t get comfortable in your ceremony shoes. Let’s talk make-up, give yourself some practice days to find out what you like. Don’t leave it for the wedding day. You don’t want to have to rush to re-do your make-up because you don’t like how it turns out. Practice, practice, and practice some more.

Put someone in charge. Delegate some responsibilities, whether that be to your wedding coordinator or whoever you put in charge. They won’t mind running back and forth between the bride and the groom to make sure you both have what you need or talking to the caterer, DJ, or photographer. Putting someone in charge will help keep the rest of your family and wedding party on schedule, while also assisting in making sure everything and everyone is on time and the day is moving along with how it should be.

Let go of the perfect. This is your wedding day, things won’t always be perfect and that’s okay! So let it go if your groom is 10 minutes late for the pictures, or one of the groomsmen’s shoes doesn’t match the other guys. At the end of the day, it wont even matter. Either way, you still get to marry your love!

Be present. This day is about you and your love. People are there to celebrate you. Don’t stress about the food, flowers, and music. You don’t want your main memory of your wedding day to be the caterer bringing fish instead of chicken. Be present, take in the smiles, laughs, and the emotions. This is your day and you deserve to enjoy it.