How To Take Halloween Photos With Your Phone

Halloween can be scary, but you shouldn’t be frightened by the thought of taking photos to capture all the great moments the holiday has to offer.

Use these 4 tips to make snapping pics a breeze:

  1. Skip the flash – The flashes on phone cameras can be harsh, unflattering, and even a little spooky. Use natural light to make sure everyone looks their best in the photos.Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
  2. Hold it steady – Use both hands to hold your phone. This will help you avoid getting any motion blur. Bonus points if you are able to keep the horizon line straight ūüôāProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset
  3. Adjust the exposure and focus– On many phones you can just tap on the dark region of a photo to make it lighter and tell the camera where to focus. Other adjustments can be made in the built-in editing apps.Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
  4. Shoot at sunset – Capture the colorful light of fall by taking the photos at sunset! In the photography world, the hour before sunset is known as “Golden Hour”. And the time does not fall short of its’ name!

Gender Neutral In-Home Newborn Photos

This cute family invited Camera Shy into their home to celebrate the arrival of a new baby girl. We loved being able to capture the family of three in the place they are most comfortable.lg_3010948_29-2

Mom and dad were smitten with their little daughter — and how could they not be!? I mean…just look at those cheeks and tiny toes!

Baby was loving all the snuggling poses in this session.

The styling for this shoot was to die for. We were obsessed with the neutral colors, and subtle hits of floral.

Want Camera Shy to come to your home for a session? Give your nearest studio a call for more details.

Tips for a Great Newborn Session


lg_3010500_160-21.¬†The younger the better.¬†The best newborn sessions happen very close to birth. We recommend you schedule your session to take place¬†within a week of giving birth. It would be smartest to schedule the appointment before baby is born. However, if you are unable to get in during the first week, don’t worry! Camera Shy promises awesome photos of your child at any age.

2. Nap time is the best time. Schedule your session at a time baby usually naps. Fast asleep littles are just the cutest for photos!

lg_3010350_1363. Arrive a half hour early. Before your session starts, you will want to fully feed your baby, and put them to sleep. Leaving optimal time to do this at our studio ensures your newborn will be ready to go for pictures. If you know it takes al little longer for your baby to fall asleep, then feel free to arrive even earlier.

4. Bring your own props…or not! Camera Shy has a wide variety of wraps, buckets, baskets, headbands, diaper covers and more. So bring your own props or use ours. The choice is yours! But there is one exception….


5.Want photos of baby in the buff? Bring your own blanket if you want photos of your baby “au naturel.” For sanitary¬†reasons, if you’d like photos of your newborn nude, Camera Shy¬†requires that you bring your own blanket. We recommend this blanket to be clean, lint free, and a texture that will not irritate baby’s skin.



Schedule your newborn photos here now! It’s never too early!

Outdoor Senior Photos for Bubbly Twins

It was a beautiful May evening when these two cute twins made their way to Camera Shy Gardner Village for their senior photos.

The girls brought two outfits each– one casual and one a little more fancy. Seriously, aren’t they so cute!? We couldn’t believe they weren’t models.

They wanted a mix of photos together and individual portraits.

Is it just us or are the seniors getting more and more mature every year?! Congratulations on your graduation ladies.

Sibling photos are so fun. Check out these two young brothers who were just as smooth in front of the camera.

Spring is the Perfect Time for Outdoor Photos

The flowers are blooming, the weather is perfect, and our cameras are ready! Spring is  the perfect time for an outdoor photo session with Camera Shy.


Capture your family, seniors, babies, and even pets outdoors in Utah’s beautiful scenery.

Camera Shy Gardner Village outdoor sessions happen in and around Gardner Village.

You wouldn’t believe all the unique places there are in the Village to take photos. The options are endless.


Camera Shy Lehi offers Outdoor Sessions at Highland Glen Park. Camera Shy University Mall in Orem provides customers the option to shoot their session at Bicentennial Park.



Head to our website or call your nearest location to book.

Not sure what to wear in your family pictures? Find great tips here!

Did You Know Camera Shy Will Come to You!?

Sometimes leaving the house is the last thing you want to do after having a baby. Camera Shy makes it possible to capture your newborn’s first days in the comfort of your own home. Check out some of our favorite captures from a recent In-Home Newborn Shoot.

From tiny feet to the cutest lips ever, this little guy captured the hearts of both parents and photographer.

Camera Shy will even bring some of our props to your home to ensure your newborn photos turn out great.


Newborns aren’t the only reason we will come to your home, any lifestyle shoot can be done on-location in your home or another area of ¬†your choice.

Utah has some beautiful homes and we’d love to showcase yours along with your family.

For inquires, email or call (509) 251-9297. On-location shoots cost $299 an hour. The location must be within 25 miles of a studio, or a traveling fee will be charged.


How to Dress for Family Pictures


Choosing what to wear for family photos is often the most difficult part of the whole process. Camera Shy wants the whole family picture process to be a fun, stress-free, and an easy experience, so we complied some helpful tips for finding the perfect outfit for everyone in your family.

  1. Don’t be too matchy-matchy – Perfectly matching outfits can come across as cheesy on camera. Try to find clothing that is coordinating, not matching. Style your family’s outfits so that they fit in the same color family, and match in texture.
  2. No logos or shirts with words – You want photos that you will love forever. Clothing with large text or logos distracts from the people in them. Stick to patterns and solid colors.
  3. Find an inspiration piece РSometimes you have no idea where to even start planning a look for your whole family. If this is the case for you, we recommend you start with an inspiration piece and build off of it. Find a shirt, dress, skirt, or pair of shoes you love and then choose coordinating pieces that work with it.
  4. Don’t worry about Camera Shy’s backgrounds – We pinky promise whatever outfits you bring to our studios will look good with the backgrounds Camera Shy has to offer. Each of our studios has a wide variety of backgrounds that are meant to look good with anything you are wearing!
  5. Wear something you feel good in – If you never wear heels and the kids are never in ties, it might be a good idea to skip these for photos. Being in front of the camera can be uncomfortable, and wearing something you feel good in is key to exuding confidence.
  6. Take time to preplan – Don’t wait until the last minute to throw together a whole outfit plan for your family. It takes time to find pieces the whole family will look good in AND that look good together.

Still not sure if your outfit works? Our photographers are happy to help. Just give the studio you plan to take your photos at a call and ask us any questions you have.

These Just Might Be The Cutest Brothers Ever

These two boys were meant to be in front of the camera, and we’re guessing mom is a celebrity stylist because — CHECK OUT THOSE CUTE OUTFITS.

This spring session was taken at Gardner¬†Village and Camera Shy just can’t get enough of the¬†images.


Older brother is destined to beak hearts in the future with those blue eyes and perfect hair.

We’re making the same prediction for this little guy too. Check out those ringlets!

Sweet smiles and bright eyes that just won’t quit.

Hope this fulfilled your daily dose of cuteness.

If you’d like to book a session at Camera Shy, click here.


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